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This message is about the Fed Ex Playoffs at the end of the season for those that don't remember and those that are new. This year since we have 42 people playing, we will expand the playoffs to 20 people. The playoffs will run the length of the 7th segment. So the 1st round will start with the Wyndham Championship and run through the Tour Championship. Each Segment winner will get an automatic spot in the playoffs, so there are 6 automatic bids available. The rest of the field will be comprised of the Top 14 & ties players at large based on prize money. After each round of the playoffs there will be eliminations just like on TOUR. After the first round it will go from 20 to 16, then 16 to 12, 12 to 8 and then the last 8 will go for the Finals. Usually Top 4 payout, I will figure out payouts and let you know if we do more than 4. (Ties advance through if you are tied for the final cut spot) For the rest of the players who do not make the playoffs, you will go for Segment 7 for the chance to win that Segment payout and also for the Season long money total. Teams that get eliminated from the playoffs will also play for segment 7. We will payout the top Money winner for the whole season as well.(Maybe Top 2). Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Welcome to the Gateway fantasy golf league hosted by Pro Tour Fantasy Golf for the friends of Jeff Wells. You can sign-up using this link if you know the league password. Otherwise, you can have Jeff set your team up for you. If you have any questions, phone number is (314)604-6896
League Commissioner: Jeff Wells