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A couple of reminders/little notes, - remember to check who is playing in each tournament, the site has every golfer available whether they are playing in that tournament. - you can only use a golfer 5 times in the season including the playoffs. - There are 7 segments, the first 6 segment winners get an automatic bid into the playoffs. - Playoffs are in Segment 7 (usually half the field will qualify for the playoffs-will be determined by overall field size) - Payouts will be determined by field size - Each segment winner will win money (will be determined by field size) - Pick 3 golfers per tournament, total prize money earned by each player determines score. - Pick alternate player in case your player withdrawals before start of 1st round (alternate does not count against times used unless they are inserted after someone withdrawals) - Total prize money won between players combined determines standings. - Each segment resets to $0, but overall money will determine at-large bids for playoffs and Overall Money Winner. - Site will send out weekly reminders to set your lineup. - We will cut down the size of the field in the playoffs, the first 2 tournaments in Segment 7 there will be no cuts, cuts will start with the FedEx St. Jude Classic. - 27 teams will make the playoffs(At most the top 21 teams who didn't win a segment will be in the playoffs/All segment winners get an automatic bid) Payouts for the Season: Each Segment win will payout $75 1st Overall - $200 2nd Overall - $100 Playoffs 1st - $700 2nd - $400 3rd - $250 4th - $150 5th - $125 6th - $100 If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out. Hope everyone has a great time this year. Good Luck, Jeff! Jeff Wells https://gateway.ProTourFantasyGolf.com
League Commissioner: Jeff Wells